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This database lists many of the objects found along the Antonine Wall.
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  • Bowl, Samian, form Dr. 37, Body Fragments, Red

    142 - 180 AD
    Hunterian Museum
    GLAHM F.1936.410

    marks: CINN (in one panel)

    fabric: fairly hard, red clay with bright glaze

    decoration: in panels of festoons and medallions: figure types are-Perseus O,147A, animal O.46 (D.28), and two figures together in medallion of which the figure to the right is Vulcan O.66 (D.39)

    Bar Hill Fort
    References: PUBL MACDONALD, G. & PARK, A. 1906 pp. 74 ff., PUBL ROBERTSON, A., SCOTT, M. & KEPPIE, L. 1975 p.130.10a; fig.45.10a