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Objects Database

This database lists many of the objects found along the Antonine Wall.
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  • Denarius of Mark Antony

    32-31 BC
    Hunterian Museum
    GLAHM 35394

    Legionary denarius of Mark Antony Roman Republican

  • Denarius of Trajan

    AD 114-117
    Hunterian Museum
    GLAHM 35395
  • Roman Imperial Coin

    AD 140-144
    Hunterian Museum
    GLAHM 35396
  • Head of a Goddess

    AD 142-65
    Hunterian Museum
    GLAHM F.1983.1
    H: 17cm x W: 11 cm

    Found during an excavation of a Roman bath-house on the Antonine Wall at Bearsden north of Glasgow in 1973, this head is presumably derived from a bust or statue of about half life-size. The carving incorporates many Celtic elements, such as the down-turned lips and the lentoid eyes, and was doubtless made by a local craftsman. The head has sometimes been identified as Fortuna, Good Fortune, often venerated in military bath-houses by soldiers of the Roman army. (L. Keppie)


    References: CAT BREEZE, D.J. 1974 FIG KEPPIE, L.J.F. & ARNOLD, B.J. 1984 50, plate 35