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Objects Database

This database lists many of the objects found along the Antonine Wall.
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  • Axe Head

    Rough Castle Roman Fort
    140-165 AD
    Falkirk Museum
    wrought iron
    L 24cm x H 6.5cm x W 4.5cm x L 3cm

    Here is a large, wrought iron Roman axehead wih ears set just behind the eye. The outside, as you can see, is peeling badly.

  • Chisel

    Mumrills Roman Fort
    140-165 AD
    Falkirk Museum
    wrought iron
    L 10cm

    Here is a 10cm long iron shaft of a square section with rounded edges. One end tapers in a symmetrical fashion to form the blade of a chisel. This was previously identified as a nail.

  • Whetstone

    Castlecary Roman Fort
    140-165 AD
    Falkirk Museum
    L 3.8cm

    This is an irregulary shaped micaceous piece of sandstone with grooves where it has been used to sharpen blades.