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Just east of Bo’ness, partly in the grounds of (private) Carriden House and partly in adjacent farmland, lie the remains of the easternmost fort associated with the Antonine Wall.

The site is visible as crop marks in aerial photos, but very little is visible on the ground today. This is the only Antonine Wall site to provide clear evidence for an associated civilian settlement or vicus attached to the Roman fort. No actual structures have been found yet, but an altar found here was dedicated by the site’s vikani: its villagers or vicus dwellers.

The inscription also provides the site’s Roman period name: Velunia or Veluniate, making Carriden the only Antonine Wall site whose Roman name we know. Visitors to Carriden will have good views over the Firth of Forth and can understand why this location would have been selected by the Romans. Part of the site is accessible from a modern roadway leading to Carriden House and the adjacent fields, but most of the site is in private ownership.

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