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The site of a Roman fort and annexe can be visited at Castlecary.

It is one of only two forts along the wall to have featured stone ramparts. Visible remains include a low mound and portions of exposed stonework from the fort’s east rampart, small portions of the headquarters building near a cluster of trees within the centre of the fort, and, depending on the current height of grass, traces of stonework at the north gate.

© Hunterian Museum

The fort is bisected by the Edinburgh to Glasgow railway line, which enters the fort at its south-east corner and exits just south of the fort’s west gateway. Several artefacts have been found here, including an altar and a statue to the goddess Fortuna, and a building record inscribed by the First cohort of Tungrians.

© Hunterian Museum

The site can be accessed from the village of Castlecary. Take a minor road marked ‘Walton’ which runs south from the Bonnybridge to Castlecary road B816. Park in a cul-de-sac left off Walton Road, close to the former schoolhouse (now residential). The site of the fort is marked by a clump of trees.

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