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Bonnyside East and West

Just west of Rough Castle fort are two ‘expansions’, attached to the south face of the rampart.

A second pair of similar expansions is located to the east of Rough Castle fort. Both pairs are best visited in conjunction with a visit to Rough Castle, the best-preserved fort on the entire line of the Wall. These expansions consisted of a turf platform on a stone base, square in shape and just over 5m on all sides. Their use is unknown, but they may have been beacon platforms or signal turrets, facilitating communication along the line of the Wall.

The Bonnyside East expansion is located about 400m west of Rough Castle fort, where it is visible as a low mound, while the better-preserved Bonnyside West expansion is about 400m further west, just inside the private grounds of Bonnyside House, east of Bonnybridge.

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