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Tentfield East and West

In the wooded area to the south of the Falkirk Wheel, between Watling Lodge and Rough Castle are the remains of two ‘expansions’ attached to the south face of the Antonine Wall.

Both expansions are visible, but they are difficult to distinguish on the ground. These expansions are roughly semi-circular in shape, roughly 8-9m by 5.-7m and surviving to around a metre high. Excavation of similar structures reveal that they are in fact square and consisted of a turf platform on a stone base. Their use is unknown, but they may have been beacon platforms or signal turrets, facilitating communication along the line of the Wall.

Tentfield east is located just north of Bonnyhill Road and opposite the entrance to Rowan Crescent on the western outskirts of Falkirk. Tentfield West lies within the woods between the Falkirk Wheel and Rough Castle fort near an electrical tower.

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