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Callendar House, Falkirk

Callendar House, Falkirk

Callendar House is a stately home dating from the 14th century, situated within the extensive Callendar Park estate. It now houses a public museum with permanent displays that tell the history of Callendar House and Falkirk District.

The Antonine Wall, Rome’s Northern Frontier features a wide range of artefacts from, and information about, the Antonine Wall and the Roman period in Scotland. A long stretch of very visible Antonine Wall ditch is located within the park just north of Callendar House. 

The museum also features a number of permanent displays about the wider history of Falkirk District; has a working Georgian Kitchen, where cooking staff in period costume prepare early nineteenth-century dishes; and has a changing programme of temporary exhibitions, including contemporary visual art in the Park Gallery. 

Callendar House features a gift shop and tearoom, and all levels are accessible via stairs and lifts. Disabled parking is available in front of Callendar House, and car parks are available via Seaton Place and Estates Avenue.