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Hunterian Museum, Glasgow

Hunterian Museum, Glasgow

Opened in 1807, the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery at the University of Glasgow is Scotland’s oldest public museum. Of particular interest to those visiting and studying the Antonine Wall are the Museum’s Coins and Medals collection, the various Archaeology collections, and the new gallery The Antonine Wall: Rome’s Final Frontier.

Located within the entrance gallery of the Museum, this permanent exhibition offers a beautiful and unrivalled presentation of material from the Antonine Wall. This display includes all but two of the surviving Antonine Wall distance slabs and replicas of the others, the first time that this unique class of sculptured stones can be seen in its entirety. A wide range of other artefacts and materials are displayed to tell the Antonine Wall’s story across four broad themes: 

• the building of the Wall and its impact on the landscape;

• the life and lifestyle of the Roman army;

• cultural interactions between the Roman and native populations;

• the Wall’s abandonment and rediscovery through antiquarian and archaeological inquiry since the mid-17th century.

This display offers a comprehensive and enlightening introduction to the Antonine Wall for visitors of all ages, but it also offers numerous treasures, insights, and opportunities to consider new questions for seasoned enthusiasts and scholars.