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Kids and Family Zone

Get out and about with your family and explore the Antonine Wall.

The kids can let off some steam and get close to nature as you investigate Scotland’s Roman past together.

Discover your inner Roman: march like a legionary; play Roman I-spy as you while away the hours on lookout duty; and creep up on each other without being caught by the Roman watchman. Download our helmet and sword beforehand to add to the fun.

Why not let the kids loose with cameras to take pictures of their favourite part of a site. Could they spot something the archaeologist has missed?

We’ve selected the sites below as being specially suited for families with children. Download our activity sheets for things to make, take and do, before or after your visit.

Rough Castle

Explore the Antonine Wall’s best preserved Roman fort at Rough Castle. Split into groups and play Caledonians and Romans: can the Romans stop the Caledonians from reaching the fort? Can the Caledonians creep up unnoticed – and without falling into the ‘lilia’ pit traps (or the burn)? 

Seabegs Wood

March like a Roman along the best-preserved stretch of military way with an impressive stretch of the ditch too. Download one of our legionary’s helmets to make; find sticks in the woods to be swords – and you’re ready to chase away any pesky Caledonians!

Kinneil fortlet and museum

Small, well-presented museum collection with displays about the Romans. Short walk along path to the outline remains of a ‘fortlet’ – a little fort. How would bored Romans have kept themselves occupied on duty – would they play ‘Duck duck goose’?

Callendar Park, Falkirk

Museum displays about the Romans in Callendar House and a good section of ditch within the park. Lots of other attractions too, including walks in the woods and a playpark to help expend some energy. 

Croy Hill

High up and airy feeling; good site for adventurous children to explore. Can your kids spot the ditch?

Hunterian Museum, Glasgow

Excellent permanent display about the Antonine Wall.

National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Displays of Roman material in the Early People gallery. Some children’s material e.g. replica costume and artefacts to handle.