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Luchdaich a-nuas an app

Airson cuir ri ur turas agus cuideachadh le mìneachadh an iomadh làrach a tha air fad Balla Antonine carson nach luchdaich sibh a-nuas an app eadar-ghnìomhach againn?

* Explore the Antonine Wall in the landscape
* GPS navigation with alert for nearby points of interest
* Discover and ‘handle’ 3D objects and models
* View 360° virtual reconstructions
* Download maps and contents to your phone for easy offline usage
* Automatic updates as new sites and content are added

Currently content is available for the Roman fort at Bar Hill. Subsequently more sites along the line of the Antonine Wall will be added.

Download the Antonine Wall app for I-Phone (IOS) (link is external)

Download the Antonine Wall app for Android

iPhone Screenshot 1