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Historic Scotland

Historic Scotland is an executive agency of the Scottish Government responsible for advising Scottish Ministers on the protection and presentation of Scotland’s historic environment and promoting its understanding and enjoyment.

Historic Scotland directly manages 7.7 km/72 ha of the WHS (including Rough Castle, Bar Hill and Bearsden Bathhouse) as Properties in Care on behalf of Scottish Ministers. The agency’s Heritage Management Directorate considers scheduled monument applications on behalf of Scottish Ministers, provides advice to local planning authorities on listed building/ conservation area consent applications and planning applications, and is also a consultee, through Scottish Government, on Environmental Impact Assessments and Strategic Environmental Assessments.

The Conservation Directorate has undertaken a programme of LiDAR scanning along the Antonine Wall, and has been involved in scanning many of the musuem artefacts from the Antonine Wall, to produce 3D models which can be viewed in the media galleries of this website.